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Lindberg/MPH is pleased to celebrate over 100 years of history in the heat treating/non ferrous melting industry. The company was founded in 1912 as the “Replaceable Heating Elements” company in New York. The company was named after the owners patented, replaceable heating elements for research heating applications.

The company has served and continues to support the automotive, aerospace, defense, materials processing, non ferrous melting/die casting, electronics, ceramics, commercial heat treating, off road, agricultural, transportation industries. With over 10,000 installations worldwide, Lindberg/MPH is considered one of the experts in the field of heat processing and custom engineered equipment and systems.

Lindberg/MPH is a brand of TPS Corporation and is based in Riverside, Michigan. All equipment is designed and final assembled in the US and is supported worldwide by our knowledgeable technicians.

Lindberg/MPH is uniquely qualified to perform your Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS). In addition to being trained in AMS 2750E, we are also factory-trained furnace experts, with a combined 100+ years in heat treating furnace repairs.

Capable of a full range of services, our technicians not only have specialized training in performing TUS, but are also able to evaluate your furnace prior to performing the surveys. They can recommend and/or repair items that may prevent the furnace from qualifying for the desired furnace class. With factory-trained furnace experts on your side throughout the process, many furnaces which may have failed to pass AMS 2750E specifications are now able to meet the stringent standard specifications.

Lindberg/MPH is also pleased to announce that we will be offering temperature controller calibration contracts. With the growing need for documentation and process control, it is essential to have your temperature controller and recorders calibrated each quarter, as outlined in many of the standards and by the external auditors. Lindberg/MPH can calibrate these devices according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Traceable calibration documents and certification documents are submitted for each instrument, along with calibration stickers noting the calibration date, due date, name of the technician and any restrictions.