Tenney Benchmaster Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber


  • Simulates a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions to meet a variety of testing needs
  • Compact design maximizes interior laboratory workspace
  • Vertical-down airflow assures consistent conditions
  • Temperature alarm and shutdown circuit for additional protection against chamber and product over/under temperature


  • Vapor-tight interior liners of 100% continuously welded stainless steel
  • Humidity capable models constructed of 100% non-corroding parts and have a low-water protection system
  • Open-air low mass nichrome wire heating elements
  • Single stage or cascade refrigeration system with hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor
  • Capillary tube type refrigerant control
  • 100 Ohm Platinum RTD sensor for temperature measurement
  • Vapor-Flo I Humidity Generator (in humidity models)
  • Dry capacitance type humidity sensor
  • Chamber drain connection
  • Propeller type fans or blower wheels for airflow


  • Temperature Range:-70°C to  +200°C
  • Humidity Capability: 20% to 95% RH in the dry bulb range of +20°C to +85°C,limited by a 3 dewpoint

SafeTest™ Provides Standard and Customized, Optional Safety Features for the Safe and Reliable Testing of Batteries.



Watlow F4 Temperature Controller

Watlow F4 Temperature Controller

  • Single and Dual Channel
  • Profiling: Forty Profiles, 256 Steps
  • Automatic & Manual Control
  • 1 Input: Universal Type (RTD is Std.)
  • 4 Digital Inputs
  • 2 Auxiliary Analog Inputs - Optional
  • 2 Control Outputs: Time Proportioned, On/Off, or 4-20 ma
  • 2 Alarm Outputs
  • 8 Digital Event Outputs
  • 2 Retransmit Outputs - Optional
  • Communications: EIA-232 and EIA-485 with Modbus RTU protocol
Heat Limiter- Temperature Actuated Thermal Cutoff

Heat Limiter- Temperature Actuated Thermal Cutoff

  • Axial leaded one-shot protection device
  • For chambers with limit of 200 degrees C, limiter opens up when surrounding temperature reaches 240 degrees C


GN2 Purge System

GN2 Purge System

  • Provides inert atmosphere inside the chamber
  • Minimizes moisture buildup
  • Prevents condensation
  • Prevents corrosion by eliminating oxygen in the chamber
LinkTenn 32 Controller Software

LinkTenn 32 Controller Software

  • Monitoring & control of multiple controllers/chambers
  • Alarm reporting and notification via email or fax
  • User-friendly profile program editor
  • Logging, printing and graphing of process data
  • Exporting of logging history data via CSV file for easy import into Microsoft Excel or analysis packages
Chart recorder

Chart recorder

  • Circular or strip type
  • Records temperature versus time
  • Some models include digital display
  • J thermocouple for temperature measurement
Ion Cartridge Exchanger

Ion Cartridge Exchanger

  • For use when resistivity of water supply is less than 50,00 ohms/cm.
  • Prevents encrustation of the generator's immersion heater, housing, float assembly, ultimatley causing failure.

Explosion Resistant Interior/ Exterior for Hazardous Area

  • May be designed to meet NFPA 497 and National Electric Code, Article 500 standards

 Dry Air Purge System

  • Purges chamber of moisture and undesirable process vapors

 LN2 Boost Cooling System

  • Increases the rate or limit of cooling beyond refrigeration means.
  • Manual set flow adjustment valve

 CO2 Boost Cooling System

  • Increases the rate of cooling beyond refrigeration means.
  • Non-adjustable, carbon dioxide injecting port
  • Alarm Buzzer & Silence Switch

    • Disables buzzer while corrective action is taken
    • Silence light illuminates
    • Alarms operator to reset silence switch
  • Shunt Trip Pole- Circuit Breaker ICB

    • Protects conditioning control circuitryBoost heating
  • Includes extra heater to provide rapid increase in temperature

  • External dryer for obtaining humidity as low as 5%

  • Water demineralizerIon Exchanger

  • Water reservoir for humidity system

  • Condensate Pump

  • Thermally insulated and heated viewing window



Tenney Benchmaster Temperature and Humidity Environmental Chamber Specifications
Overall dimensions in inches/centimeters

Benchmaster Version Upright Version
Workspace Width                     20/51
Depth                    19.25/49
Height                    22/56
Exterior Width 67/168.25               47/9                                        37
Depth 32/81.28            32/81.28                                     32
Height 41/102.87           74/186.69                                    74
Temperature Range
Low C -70
High C +200
Humidity Capability 20% to 95% RH in the dry bulb range of +20C to +85C as limited by a 3C dewpoint - BTRC and UTRC.
Utilities, etc.
Refrigeration (2) 1 HP
Heater Capacity 2 KW
Humidifier Watts
AMPS@230V, 1 Ph
29 29 29 29
AMPS, Fuse 40
Unit Weight LBS 500