SteriDry™ Equipment 60-Day Money Back Guarantee Terms

60-Day Money Back Guarantee Terms:

  • If the SteriDry Equipment (“Equipment”) does not perform in strict compliance with  written, agreed-upon performance criteria, then Customer may, within the first sixty (60) days from the Equipment’s start-up, advise Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) to remove the Equipment for a full refund of the purchase price, including any return freight costs 
  • The 60-Day refund option is only applicable if Customer purchases TPS’s factory authorized installation and start-up services 
  • This refund option expires sixty (60) days from the Equipment’s start-up and will be voided if the Equipment is damaged or modified in any way.  Equipment start-up must occur within thirty (30) days of receipt by Customer. During and after the refund option period, Seller’s standard express warranties will continue to apply.  
  • This offer is only valid in the U.S.; International locations will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Return/Removal Process:

  • Customer must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number from TPS’s Customer Service Department within 60 days of the Equipment’s start-up
  • Money will be returned within 60 days of Equipment inspection and removal 
  • A TPS-authorized factory representative will inspect the Equipment on-site prior to removal
  • The Equipment must be returned in very good condition, 60 days’ ordinary wear and tear excepted 
  • The Equipment’s serial number must be intact
  • To facilitate Equipment removal, Customer will provide access to the building, a clear removal path,  and a reasonable time frame to remove the Equipment
  • TPS is not responsible for restoring building or utility modifications or the cost thereof
  • Prior to the Equipment’s removal, Customer will provide written verification that the Equipment is decontaminated