Think : Thermal : Innovations in the Contact Lens Industry

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Over the years, contact lenses have seen many upgrades and improvements. From the materials that are used to the way they are made, the quality and comfort has continued to improve. The first contact lenses were made from blown glass which only allowed for a few hours of use. Today, they are made with innovative hydrogels that retain moisture and fit comfortably all day long.

Recently, researchers at MIT have discovered a new way to prevent hydrogels from dehydrating. Hydrogels are the starting point for which many contact lenses are made. The new method will bind the hydrogels to elastomers (elastic polymers) such as rubber and silicone. These materials are stretchy like the hydrogel but are impermeable to water helping them retain moisture and flexibility. Now, manufacturers can create longer-lasting contact lenses with less irritation. This new polymer type will need to be cured in an inert atmosphere. Gruenberg has continued to keep up with these advancements in the industry to provide equipment that produces optimal curing of the lenses.

The contact lens industry is one of the many industries served by Gruenberg. They have had enormous success providing equipment for the processing of contact lenses. Gruenberg has provided both batch systems and conveyor systems for the curing of the contact lens polymer. This technique requires extremely stringent process parameters which we are proud to be able to meet and exceed. 
Gruenberg Oven Company, a division of the Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) LLC., is quite conversant with the stringent process parameters that are needed in the curing of the contact lens monomer under FDA registration and EC Medical Device Directives. The process controls often utilize a PLC platform control system that can be modified to interface with the customer’s internal station control system.  This provides such options as product tracking, profile validation with temp uniformity compliance, oxygen PPM levels etc. Whether your process requirements need a conveyor oven system, a batch oven or an automated batch system, Gruenberg makes for a good partner. 

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