Gruenberg Custom Industrial Ovens, Pharmaceutical Equipment and Sterilizers, and Lab Animal Science Sterilizers

Gruenberg is recognized as a global leader in the design, engineering, manufacture, and after-market support of a comprehensive line of standard and custom industrial ovens; Class-100 sterilizers; continuous-process, explosion-proof dryers; lab-animal-science sterilizers; and custom pharmaceutical ovens to accommodate a wide range of industry applications. Gruenberg offers standard and custom industrial ovens that accommodate temperatures up to 1200⁰F and are available in a variety of configurations, including cabinet, truck-in, and top-loading models.

Known for their durability, innovation, and superior performance, our Gruenberg products include composite-curing ovens; Class 100 and clean-room ovens; continuous-process, conveyor, inert-gas, Class A/solvent-venting/explosion proof (XP) ovens; annealing, curing, drying, and batch ovens; custom pharmaceutical ovens; pharmaceutical sterilizers and depyrogenation ovens; granulation dryers; lab animal science sterilizers; and isolators and barrier systems.

Product List

Custom Industrial Oven

Although Gruenberg industrial ovens are available in in a variety of configurations, including cabinet, truck-in, conveyor, Class 100 clean room, top loading, stacked, inert-gas, Class A/solvent venting/explosion proof, annealing, curing, drying, laboratory, gravity, and batch ovens to meet a wide range of industry applications, our Engineering Design Services team can design a fully custom industrial oven tailored to your specific process.

Pharmaceutical Equipment and Sterilizers and Granulation Dryer

Gruenberg’s custom pharmaceutical ovens and pharmaceutical sterilizers and depyrogenation ovens provide dry-heat sterilization in a variety of configurations – including laboratory, cabinet, truck-in (link), pass-through and continuous arrangement – to meet a wide range of industry applications. All Gruenberg sterilizers are customized to your specific temperature and cycle-time requirements and contain HEPA filters and a Heliarc® continuously welded interior to prevent contaminants from entering the chamber. All offer optimal airflow management for exceptional temperature uniformity. Gruenberg also manufactures a line of granulation dryers for use in pharmaceutical applications.

Aftermarket Programs

Lab Animal Science Sterilizer

Gruenberg manufactures a range of lab-animal science sterilizers for the decontamination and sterilization of animal-habitat cages and equipment. Available in cabinet style; open-truck, bulk configurations; closed-container style; and pod configurations, Gruenberg lab-animal science sterilizers eliminate harmful pathogens to protect both scientists and laboratory animals.

Offering patent-pending PrecisionFlo™ 100-percent-focused, forced-air convection technology, Gruenberg’s quiet, dry-heat sterilization solutions offer a more environmentally sensitive, lower-cost, and more efficient and flexible alternative to the high-pressure, steam-heat sterilization of autoclaves

Innovation Expertise