Gruenberg Industrial Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Pharmaceutical Dryers, Dry Heat Sterilizers for Medical Equipment, and Lab Animal Science Sterilizers

Gruenberg is a global leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom industrial ovens, pharmaceutical dryers, and sterilizers for a variety of applications including curing, drying, annealing, dry heat sterilization, and other heat processing applications. Gruenberg industrial ovens and sterilizers are designed with high quality materials and available in both batch and conveyor oven configurations with maximum temperature ratings up to 1,200° F. Batch oven configurations include reach-in or cabinet style, truck-in, batch, benchtop, and top loading models. Many batch ovens can be configured in a stackable manner to save valuable shop floor space. Conveyor ovens can be designed modularly with multiple zones of heat for maximum temperature control and uniformity during your continuous process.  Conveyor oven styles include belt, drag, spindle, overhead, and many other styles as deemed appropriate for the application and the products being processed.



Sterilization and Drying Solutions for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Gruenberg designs and manufactures pharmaceutical sterilizers, depyrogenation ovens, lab animal science sterilizers, granulation dryers, custom pharmaceutical dryers, isolators and barrier systems that offer premium quality and performance for your pharmaceutical and medical applications. Gruenberg equipment for the pharmaceutical industry includes clean room ovens that meet Class 100 (ISO Class 5), explosion proof dryers and safety ovens that meet Class I, 2, 3 for Groups A-G atmospheres. Known for their durability, innovation, and superior performance, our Gruenberg ovens, dryers and sterilizers can meet the most demanding applications and stringent requirements.  

Product List

In addition to equipment used in pharmaceutical, medical, and laboratory type environments, Gruenberg also offers a wide range of industrial ovens. These batch and conveyor ovens are also available as explosion proof (XP) for applications where the equipment will be installed within a hazardous location as defined within the National Electric Code (NEC).  Other designs include Class A rated ovens where solvents and/or powder constituents will be present during heating, and Class-100 (ISO Class 5) for clean room environments.

Our aftermarket service team provides a comprehensive list of services for you Gruenberg oven, dryer or sterilizer. All aftermarket services are performed by our factory trained technicians. Available Gruenberg aftermarket services include start-up and training, equipment installation options, preventative maintenance, temperature uniformity, GAMP documentation, relocation services, and more.


Custom Industrial Oven

Gruenberg offers a full line of industrial ovens available in a variety of configurations, including cabinet, batch, conveyor, Class 100 clean room, top loading, stacked, inert-gas, Class A for solvent venting, and explosion proof. If one of our standard batch or conveyor ovens is not ideal for your process, our Application Engineering Design team can customize an industrial or pharmaceutical oven to your specific requirements. First we work with your team to gain an understanding of your process and goals. Then our team will take that information to design a Gruenberg oven, dryer, or sterilizer in a configuration that provides the best performance for your application.  During the process we also help you select options that will enhance your industrial oven’s performance. Our custom industrial ovens are used for a multitude of applications including annealing, curing, drying, laboratory, pharmaceutical, tempering, R & D, and many more.

Pharmaceutical Dryers, Pharmaceutical Sterilizers and Granulation Dryers

Gruenberg’s custom pharmaceutical ovens, pharmaceutical sterilizers, and depyrogenation ovens provide dry heat sterilization in a variety of configurations. Dry heat sterilization designs include laboratory, cabinet, truck-in (link), pass-through, and continuous arrangements. These Gruenberg pharmaceutical dryers and sterilizers meet a wide range of industry applications. All Gruenberg sterilizers are customized to your specific temperature and cycle-time requirements. They are engineered with HEPA filters and a Heliarc® continuously welded interior to prevent contaminants from entering the chamber. All offer optimal airflow management for exceptional temperature uniformity. Gruenberg also manufactures a line of granulation dryers for use in pharmaceutical applications. These granulation dryers are available in standard sizes and can also be custom designed to meet a customer's specifications.

Aftermarket Services

Lab Animal Science Sterilizer

Gruenberg manufactures a range of lab-animal science sterilizers for the decontamination and sterilization of animal-habitat cages and equipment. Available in cabinet style; open-truck, bulk configurations; closed-container style; and pod configurations, Gruenberg lab-animal science sterilizers eliminate harmful pathogens to protect both scientists and laboratory animals.

Offering patent-pending PrecisionFlo™ 100-percent-focused, forced-air convection technology, Gruenberg’s quiet, dry-heat sterilization solutions offer a more environmentally sensitive, lower-cost, and more efficient and flexible alternative to the high-pressure, steam-heat sterilization of autoclaves

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