Tenney Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms

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Tenney boasts one of the most comprehensive lines of standard and custom environmental-testing chambers  and rooms in the industry. Known for its innovative engineering and design, robust construction, and superior performance, the Tenney line of test chambers is designed to meet all of your temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, and vacuum-testing requirements.

From safety testing of lithium-ion batteries, to stability and shelf-life testing of sensitive electronics and pharmaceuticals, to the thermal-shock process necessary to test consumer products or military components to see how they’ll perform under grueling conditions, Tenney’s test chambers offer the simulated, real-life environment you need.

And Tenney environmental chambers, rooms, and ovens are backed by TPS’s design assistance and global support and are available in a variety of configurations and footprints.

Product List

Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers

Wondering how your product will handle the heat? Tenney offers a comprehensive line of temperature and humidity test chambers, including thermal-shock chambers, that are designed to simulate the harshest environmental conditions to ensure that your products will hold up to the rigors of use in the field or marketplace.

Steady State Chambers and Rooms

Tenney manufactures a series of Steady State chambers and rooms that are ideal for temperature and humidity testing of medical equipment, electronics, personal-care and consumer products, and product packaging, as well as research and development applications. Tenney Steady State chambers and rooms also are designed for accelerated aging, drying, burn-in and reliability testing, controlled-temperature storage, incubation, and cold-room storage.

Environmental Rooms

For applications requiring a larger footprint, Tenney also manufactures temperature and humidity cycling test rooms as well as steady-state and constant-climate environmental test rooms.

Vacuum Chambers and Oven

Tenney also offers altitude and vacuum test chambers and vacuum ovens, including those that meet military specification testing and many commercial production processes. These chambers and ovens are available in a variety of capabilities and footprints to meet your project needs.

Aftermarket Programs

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