Gruenberg Explosion Resistant Oven

Benefits of the Gruenberg Explosion Resistant Oven

  • Any standard industrial oven can be modified to operate under Class I, 2, 3 - Groups A-G atmospheres to meet your exact process needs.
  • Rugged CHIL construction provides years of energy-efficient service


  • Non-sparking brass explosion-relief door latches
  • Wiring encased in rigid conduit or approved mineral insulated cable
  • Fully welded liners and removable air circulation ducts and baffles
  • Non-sparking aluminum or brass blowers or circulation fans
  • Heating coil within a seamless Incoloy tubular element
  • Sealed electrical connection ports and explosion-resistant housings
  • Approved, static-eliminating belt drives
  • Explosion-resistant motors
  • Explosion-resistant electrical equipment and controls enclosed in housing or purged boxesCHIL

CHIL Construction

  • Separated, insulated inner and outer surfaces
  • Pliable, final seal silicone rubber gaskets on oven up to 650°F
  • Less energy to maintain temperature
  • Air-conditioning equipment doesn’t work as hard
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Built around welded, structural steel frame
  • One-piece unitized construction costs less to install
  • Pre-tested, ready for operation
  • Motor and blowers to circulate air for uniform atmosphere
  • V.F.D. motor for circulation adjustment (CFM)
  • Heater elements are Inconel sheathed


Gruenberg has defined, developed and refined our techniques based on our many years of experience over a wide range of equipment used throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. While our processes always include the customer’s specifications and guidelines in their entirety, we also add many value added steps, which include checks and preventive maintenance measures to improve the overall quality and reliability of our equipment. We utilize components from well-known and reputable vendors. All of these factors gives us great pride in offering the best equipment in the business. As a result, we are very happy to announce our new 1-year parts and labor as standard on Gruenberg brand equipment installed within the contiguous 48 states (1 year parts otherwise), commencing on the date of shipment.

We are also very excited to inform you Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) will extend the warranty by an additional year (up to a total of 2 Year Parts and 2 Year Labor Warranty). If Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) performs an installation (turnkey or supervised), or start-up and training service, the warranty period will commence on the date the service is completed.

If on-site warranty work is required for shipments outside the continental US, it will be billed on a time and material basis, plus expenses for travel, lodging, and meals. Outside of the contiguous 48 States, the warranty is limited to a 1 year parts only, unless there is a purchase of a TPS turn-key or supervised installation which will extend the warranty by an additional year (to a 2 Year Parts only).


  • Yokogawa UT150L High Limit Controller Overtemperature Protection

    Yokogawa UT150L High Limit Controller Overtemperature Protection

    • 1/16 DIN high limit controller
    • Type J thermocouple
    • LCD display
    • Shuts down heat-control system and blower when high-heat limit is detected and activates alarm


  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC

    Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC

    • 10 Digital inputs
    • 6 Digital outputs
    • 2 Analog inputs
    • Ability to add digital, analog, RTD, and thermocouple modules to customize the controller for your application.
    • Supports expansion I/O -- up to four 1762 I/O modules
    • High speed I/O: 20 kHz HSC, 20 kHz 
    • PTO/PWM output
    • 4KB user-program memory
    • 4KB-word, user-data memory
    • Up to 128KB for data logging and 64KB for recipes
    • Built-in 10/100 Mbps EtherNet / IP Port
  • Chart Recorder

    Chart Recorder

    • Circular or strip type
    • Records temperature versus time
    • Some models include digital display
    • J thermocouple for temperature measurement

  • Explosion Resistant Interior/ Exterior for Hazardous Area

    • May be designed to meet NFPA 497 and National Electric Code, Article 500 standards
  • Explosion Venting Latches & Safety Chain

    • Provides venting in the event of internal explosion
    • Latch allows door to blow out away from chamber