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Gruenberg Silver Select Panelized Class A Truck In Ovens

Benefits of the Gruenberg Silver Select Panelized Class A Truck In Oven

  • Sterling performance of thermal processing applications up to 500°F
  • Ideal for most solvent evaporation  processes
  • Additional options extend the range of applications
  • Top quality construction is energy-efficient and minimizes equipment effort
  • Heating elements designed to prevent radiant influence on the work in process
  • Easy to install and ship
  • Lower cost than one piece ovens
  • Wide range of options and controllers
  • Electric or gas-fired
  • Moisture-proof, non-combustible, non-settling, and asbestos-free insulation
  • Energy-efficient, Incoloy sheathed, seamless tubular heaters
  • Efficient horizontal airflow
  • Standard and custom models
  • Non-sparking air-movers
  • Forced exhaust blowers
  • Explosive Venting
    • Standard non-sparking pressure relief latches on front doors
    • Optional rear of the unit venting with safety cage
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Door switch
  • Solvent monitor - optional
  • Panelized Construction with Aluminized Exterior
    • Efficient 6" Insulation
    • Pliable, final seal silicone rubber gaskets on ovens up to 650°F
    • Less energy to maintain temperature
    • Air-conditioning equipment doesn’t work as hard
    • Pre-tested, ready for operation
    • Motor and blowers to circulate air for uniform atmosphere
    • V.F.D motor for circulation adjustment (CFM)
    • Heater elements are Inconel sheathed


  • Trucks, Transfer Carts and Trays

Gruenberg Silver Select Panelized Class A Truck In Ovens

Gruenberg Silver Select Panelized Class A Truck In Ovens

















Gruenberg warrants that from the date it ships or, if applicable, finishes installing a product and/or providing start-up and/or training services, the product Gruenberg manufactured shall conform to written specifications that Gruenberg approved, and the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for twelve (12) months. Gruenberg further warrants that any service it performs shall conform to written specifications that Gruenberg approved and be free from defects in workmanship for twelve (12) months. If a purchaser purchases a TPS turn-key or supervised installation, these limited warranties shall each be extended by twelve (12) months, subject to the exclusions below. If, within that time period, the original purchaser notifies Gruenberg in writing of an alleged non-conformity, and Gruenberg determines, to its reasonable satisfaction, that a product or service is, in fact, non-conforming, then Gruenberg shall, at its option and expense, repair or replace the non-conforming product or correct the non-conforming service, either at the original purchaser’s or Gruenberg’s factory. Click here for additional warranty details


  • Yokogawa UT150L High Limit Controller Overtemperature Protection

    Yokogawa UT150L High Limit Controller Overtemperature Protection

    • 1/16 DIN high limit controller
    • Type J thermocouple
    • LCD display
    • Shuts down heat-control system and blower when high-heat limit is detected and activates alarm


  • Chart Recorder

    Chart Recorder

    • Circular or strip type
    • Records temperature versus time
    • Some models include digital display
    • J thermocouple for temperature measurement

  • Yokogawa UT150 Temperature Controller

    Yokogawa UT150 Temperature Controller

    • 1/16 DIN controller
    • Single setpoint
    • LCD display
    • Digital input and outputs
    • Type J thermocouple
    • Shuts down heat control system and blower when high heat limit is detected and activates alarm

  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC

    Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC

    • 10 Digital inputs
    • 6 Digital outputs
    • 2 Analog inputs
    • Ability to add digital, analog, RTD, and thermocouple modules to customize the controller for your application.
    • Supports expansion I/O -- up to four 1762 I/O modules
    • High speed I/O: 20 kHz HSC, 20 kHz 
    • PTO/PWM output
    • 4KB user-program memory
    • 4KB-word, user-data memory
    • Up to 128KB for data logging and 64KB for recipes
    • Built-in 10/100 Mbps EtherNet / IP Port


Gruenberg Silver Select Panelized Truck In Oven Specifications

Model #
TP65H150- G-Class-A
Model #
Model #
Model #
Model #
Model #
Ft3 150 180 240 216 288 360
4,248 5,097 6,796 6,116 8,155 10,194
60" x 60" x 72" 60" x 72" x 72" 60" x 96" x 72" 72" x 72" x 72" 72" x 96" x 72" 72" x 120" x 72"
Exterior  W"xD"xH" 95" x 77" x 119" 95" x 89" x 119" 95" x 113" x 119" 107" x 89" x 119" 107" x 113" x 119" 107" x 137" x 119"
Temperature  Range 150°F to 500°F
Temperature  Control ±1.5°F
Temperature  Uniformity(1) ±1.5% ± 10°F
Horizontal 16.5" x 8" Wheel
CFM 7000 8000 12000 8000 12000 14000
FPM 230 220 250 220 250 230
Air Intake/Exhaust Adjustable
kW(2) 54 54 72 54 72 72
Electric 480V 3Ph 60Hz
FLA(2) 78 78 100 78 100 100
Interior Walls / Ceiling 20 Gauge Aluminized Steel
Insulation Wall/Ceiling 6" 6" 6" 6" 6" 6"
Floor 3/16" Steel Plate; Painted High Temp Black
Exterior 20 gauge Aluminized Steel
Doors Double Swing w/ Pressure Release Latches
Controller Temperature Controller
Control Box NEMA 1, Mounted on Right Side of Unit
Warranty 90 days labor, 12 month parts (U.S. and Canada)
(1) estimates based on 480V 3Ph 60Hz with empty chamber
(2) additional kW added as needed