Altitude Test Chambers

Test your product's durability with Tenney's altitude test chamber. Designed to simulate extreme conditions, this environmental test chamber combines high altitude testing and humidity to subject your products to various atmospheres. 

Tenney Strat Altitude Test Chamber

The Strat Altitude Chambers simulate altitudes up to 200,000 feet. The overall temperature range of these altitude chambers is -70°C to +177°C with humidity capabilities of 20% to 98% RH, and workspace sizes ranging from 5 to 64 cubic feet. The automatically controlled vacuum and vent valves in the Tenney Strat Altitude Test Chambers provide precise altitude conditions for consistent testing needs.

Test Chamber Size: 6.4 to 64 cubic feet
Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: -70°C to +177°C
  • Humidity Capability: 20% to 95% RH in the dry bulb range of +20°C to +85°C, limited by a 5°C dewpoint
  • Standard altitude conditions: Site level to 100,000 Feet
  • Combined temperature and altitude: 60,000 feet maximum
  • Control: ±0.3°C and ±2% RH