Class 100 Ovens / Clean Room Ovens

Gruenberg Class 100 Clean Room Ovens provide the perfect clean environment for pharmaceutical manufacturing – eliminating any possibility for environmental and air pollutants like dust, microbes, and vapors from coming into contact with your product by employing HEPA filters on the incoming make-up air, recirculation and exhaust path. Clean room oven applications include drying, curing, depyrogenation and sterilization and are commonly used for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Gruenberg manufactures Class 100 clean room ovens in both standard and custom configurations and their experienced design team works closely with customers to meet demanding specifications.

Features of Gruenberg Class 100 Ovens and Clean Room Ovens

Heavy-duty, full welded structural steel frame that supports the 16 and 18 gauge 304L stainless steel fully welded internal liner, available in both shelf or truck loaded configurations. A high volume horizontal airflow system with intake/exhaust blowers both have equipped with HEPA filters on including the recirculation path. cGMP compliant and offers more standard features than competing models.

Gruenberg Pharmaceutical Sterilizer and Depyrogenation Oven

Gruenberg Pharmaceutical Sterilizers and Depyrogenation Ovens are available in a variety of configurations  including laboratory, cabinet, truck-in,  and continuous arrangements. They are the ideal clean room ovens designed for a range of clean process applications commonly used for the pharmaceutical and medical field.

Chamber Size: 8.3 to 95.8 cubic feet
Some models 109 to 582.6 cubic feet

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 536°F maximum
  • Standard Depyrogenation Rating: 260°C
  • Run up time: Standard Ramp 1.5°C/ min.