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Vacuum Chambers

Tenney's industrial vacuum test chamber manufacturing puts your mechanical device(s) to the test and comes in a multitude of sizes to fit various commercial production needs. It effectively removes air and other gases to create a limited pressure test chamber.

Tenney Vacuum Test Chamber

Tenney Vacuum Test Chambers perform product testing and MIL-SPEC testing, and they can be incorporated into many commercial production processes. The chambers provide a complete vacuum system and control system that is pretested and ready to operate. You only need to connect the chamber to an electrical power source. 

 Chamber Size: 8 to 64 cubic feet

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 15°C above ambient (approx.) to +150°C
  • Standard Pressure Conditions: Site level to 20.88mm Hg
  • Control: ± 0.3°C