Vacuum Ovens

Tenney manufactures multiple laboratory industrial vacuum ovens that offer versatility and endurance with peak temperatures reaching 200°C. These lab vacuum ovens are designed to both reduce environmental pressure while adding heat conditioning and vacuum drying.

Tenney 8.5SVO Vacuum Lab Oven

Tenney vacuum ovens are designed for drying, curing, outgassing, aging, process control and many other applications which require elevated temperature in reduced atmospheres. The vacuum oven includes microprocessor digital control, built-in over temperature protection as well as a door with full viewing window.

Chamber Size: 8.5 cubic feet

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: Ambient to +200°C
  • Control: <1°C
  • Vacuum Capability: 8mm/hg
  • Run up time to max. temp.: >2°C/minute
  • Tenney SVO Thermal Fluid-Heating Vacuum Oven

    The Tenney SVO Thermal Fluid-Heating Vacuum Oven reaches precise altitude conditions for optimal test results with automatically controlled vacuum and vent solenoid valves.Convenient design allows for simultaneous depressurization and heating conditioning within one machine.

    Chamber Size: 8 to 64 cubic feet

    Key Specifications

    • Temperature Range: 15°C above ambient (approx.) to +150°C
    • Standard Pressure Conditions: Site level to 20.88mm Hg
    • Control: ± 0.3°C
    • Uniformity: ± 1°C