Industrial Ovens, Environmental Chambers, & Curing Ovens

Industrial Curing Ovens

From composite curing ovens to epoxy curing ovens, TPS has a vast range of top performance curing ovens for your application. With maximum temperature uniformity, superior heat ramp up and recovery, and over-temperature protection, our industrial ovens are ideal for powder coat curing, annealing and more. Choose from mechanical convection, inert gas, top-loading or bench models.

Drying Ovens

TPS has both Gruenberg and Blue M ovens for composite drying, pharmaceutical granulation drying, hardening synthetic materials and more. Superior airflow and temperature capabilities ensure uniform moisture removal, while a range of models with HEPA filtration, NFPA 86 Class B and inert atmosphere features meet the toughest industry requirements and safety standards.

Environmental Test Chambers

Our industrial test chambers simulate a range of conditions, including extreme temperature, humidity, altitude and vacuum environments. TPS environmental chambers can also provide thermal shock testing, steady state testing, stability testing and shelf life testing. Standard and custom models are available in benchtop, reach-in or walk-in chamber configurations.

Industrial Ovens

TPS has a complete line of Blue M and Gruenberg industrial ovens for every industry. Powder coating ovens, heat treating ovens, batch ovens, vacuum ovens and convection ovens are just a few of our many industrial oven products. In addition, a variety of configurations from truck-in to conveyor and cabinet ovens meet any laboratory space restrictions or application requirements.

Environmental Rooms

Tenney Environmental Walk In Rooms can simulate temperature, humidity and stability conditions for large-scale environmental testing. Ideal for automotive and aerospace industries, our walk in environmental chambers are available in standard and custom sizes, with single stage or cascade refrigeration. Modular units simplify shipping and assembly but provide superior energy efficiency.

Test Chambers

Put your product to the test. We have temperature chambers, humidity chambers, altitude chambers, vacuum chambers, stability chambers, environmental chambers and more. TPS test chambers recreate virtually any climate or condition and come in a range of sizes, from benchtop and reach-in to walk-in chambers. Our chambers have excellent temperature and testing uniformity.

Pharmaceutical Sterilizers

Our industrial sterilizers and depyrogenation ovens ensure pharmaceutical products and medical devices meet the strictest requirements. Extreme uniformity, dry heat sterilization, inert atmosphere, HEPA filtration and short cycle times are just a few of the benefits of TPS sterilizers. We also have the capabilities to produce completely custom ovens and sterilizers to meet your exact processing needs.

Custom Industrial Ovens

The engineers at TPS can design a custom industrial oven or chamber that meets your application’s unique challenges and strict requirements. Extreme temperatures, humidity, altitude, vacuum testing, inert atmosphere . . . we have the unlimited design capabilities to create a testing solution that’s right for you. Don’t believe we have what you need? Read our custom solution stories to see our true abilities.

Aftermarket Services

Want more for your money? The TPS MAX Program helps you get the most out of your investment with complete aftermarket services. From installation, parts and global support to servicing, testing and maintenance, we’ll give you access to everything you need to keep your industrial oven or chamber operating at peak performance.