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A History Lesson on The Lunaire Group

Harold L. Lunick started “The Lunaire Group” in 1979 with the goal to create a company that would provide steady employment and continuing growth despite any changes in the economy. To accomplish this, “The Lunaire Group” was developed to use shared technologies to create products that would target three very different markets: marine, industrial, and scientific.  At that time, they were known as a “high technology firm” by the state of Pennsylvania.  
In 1979, Lunick purchased the Gruenberg Oven Company in Williamsport, PA and moved his operations into the facility. The Gruenberg Oven Company, Lunaire Environmental, and Lunaire Marine effectively established “The Lunaire Group”. The Gruenberg Oven Company manufactured custom ovens for industrial applications, such as heat treating, curing, annealing, and brazing.  Lunaire Environmental served the scientific markets with their environmental chambers that reproduced the human body’s conditions for research facilities. They sold to every major university or research lab whose facility was affiliated with microbiology of any kind. Lunaire Marine provided climate control for comfort with their air conditioners for yachts. Needless to say, all three companies were substantial assets to “The Lunaire Group” and fit into Lunick’s plan to offer products to a diverse group of markets to ensure the company’s economic stability.
“The Lunaire Group” experienced great success in the early years and quickly outgrew its original facility. In 1979 the company started with 22 employees, by 1985 they had grown to 100 employees. In April of 1985, the company made more in one month than the entire year of 1979.  Between 1983 and 1985, Lunick expanded the Gruenberg facility into a 65,000 sq. foot facility. He kept the facility in Williamsport, PA because he was impressed with the unique work ethic of the people in the community. The expansion gave each product line the necessary room it needed to grow. The design of the facility utilized energy efficient components and hi-tech semi-automation which impressed prospects during onsite visits. According to Lunick, 90% of the prospects that would visit the facility became customers.

The Lunaire Product Line Today

Today Lunaire is a part of Thermal Product Solutions, LLC (TPS) and manufactures steady state environmental test chambers and walk-in rooms meeting ICH guidelines. These test chambers simulate a wide range of temperature, and temperature and humidity environments which make them ideal for research facilities and laboratories. Under the TPS umbrella there are seven (7) brands that provide equipment to a multitude of industries. These brands include Baker Furnace, Blue M, Gruenberg, Lindberg/MPH, Lunaire, Tenney, and Wisconsin Oven. The products offered by this group of brands include industrial ovens, laboratory ovens, pharmaceutical sterilizers and dryers, granulation dryers, heat treat and non-ferrous furnaces, and environmental test chambers. Until recently the Lunaire brand had been absent from the group for several years because it was absorbed into its sister brand Blue M. It became apparent over the years that the Lunaire name was still prominent in the industry with thousands of units still operating in the field. So the decision was made to reintroduce the Lunaire brand to the marketplace.