Inert Gas Ovens

Our inert gas ovens fall under a variety of oven types, including batch and cabinet ovens, which lends itself to a variety of applications depending on your products. Industrial gas ovens are manufactured to allow for durability and performance of materials such as stainless steel and electronic components.

Blue M Inert Gas Batch Oven

Blue M inert gas batch ovens are designed for durability and performance. Available in six (6) standard sizes, these inert gas batch ovens are ideal for industrial oven applications that involve processing materials in a controlled atmosphere environment. The Blue M inert gas batch oven utilizes a high volume horizontal air recirculation system which maximizes temperature uniformity and performance. Optional items such as stainless steel shelves, programmable timers, and data acquisition devices can be added to meet your process needs.

Blue M Asia

Blue M Asia Convection Ovens are value-priced convection ovens for many industrial uses such as drying, curing and baking.  The Blue M Asia Convection Ovens are an economical solution to the customer’s needs, where solid performance is required with a competitive lead time.

Blue M Ultra-Temp Inert Gas High Temperature Oven

The Blue M Ultra-Temp® Inert Gas High-Temperature Oven, pressure tested at operating temperatures, is suitable for all inert gases and non-flammable forming gases (maximum 4% hydrogen, balance nitrogen).

Gruenberg Industrial Cabinet Oven

Gruenberg standard and custom industrial cabinet ovens are ideal for annealing, aging, core hardening, drying, preheating, curing, and component testing.

Chamber Size: 12 to 96 cubic feet 

Key Specifications
  • Maximum Temperatures Range: 450°F to 1200°F

Blue M 146 Series Inert Gas Mechanical Convection Oven

The Blue M Inert Gas Mechanical Convection Oven, which we pressure-test at normal operating levels, is ideal for industrial oven applications that involve curing, heat treating and packaging of electronic components as well as other applications which require controlled atmosphere environment.