Industrial Oven Repair, Maintenance & Oven Services

When it comes to industrial oven repair, industrial oven maintenance and oven service, look no further than Thermal Product Solutions. TPS is a leading manufacturer and international distributor of industrial ovens, including batch ovens, walk-in ovens, conveyor ovens, lab ovens and more. When it comes to aftermarket oven repair and other services, who better to perform these services than the manufacturer? With years of experience designing and manufacturing industrial ovens you can count on our technicians to keep your equipment operating at its best. In addition to industrial oven repair and services, we also provide industrial oven repair & environmental chamber repair and services.

We understand that when a piece of equipment is down that time is money. With field service oven technicians located around the country we are able to schedule service visits in a timely manner. A TPS oven technician can also provide a suggested replacement parts list and preventative maintenance schedule to minimize the risk of premature deterioration of parts. It is our goal to be there for our customers throughout the lifespan of their industrial oven. This includes technical support, oven repair, preventative maintenance, replacement parts, and short-term rental equipment. No matter your needs, we have you covered.

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Our Industrial Oven Services

TPS performs the following repair and maintenance services for industrial ovens:

Installation Services

TPS offers complete turn-key installation services that include everything from unloading equipment to commissioning the equipment into operation.

Installation Supervision

A TPS technician will guide your personnel through the installation to ensure equipment is properly installed.

Turn-key Installation

Our turn-key installation means that we will take care of the installation start to finish.

Start-up & Training

A TPS technician will ensure your product performs properly before giving hands-on training to operator and maintenance personnel.

Industrial Oven Modification & Refurbishing

TPS is equipped for most rebuild, retrofit or modification work, including complete re-wiring of your industrial oven. You are now able to send your equipment to our Pennsylvania facility for a complete evaluation and will quote anything from an upgrade to complete refurbishment.

Industrial Oven Calibration Services

TPS can provide complete calibration services for your equipment, to include NIST & ISO 17025 calibration certifications. Learn more about our calibration services.

Preventative Maintenance

Wear and tear is anticipated over time. Preventative maintenance minimizes the risk of premature deterioration through corrective actions, ensuring efficiency and performance. TPS technicians will customize a PM program for your equipment that involves a plan of systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and replacement of components, as well as performance testing and analysis.

Uniformity Services

TPS can provide on-site uniformity testing and certification for your industrial oven. Adjusting the equipment for proper airflow and heat distribution provides tighter temperature tolerance and increase quality.

Rental Units

We know how important it is for you to have functioning equipment in order to get the job done. TPS always has a selection of ovens available for rent.

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  • TPS online parts store features an extensive inventory of replacement parts:

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For more information on the services above, please use the contact us form, or call contact the TPS Service Department at 1-800-586-2473 or email our technical support staff at the appropriate email below.

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