Product Warranties

TPS equipment is backed by a limited warranty to original purchasers. Click on the following links for more detailed warranty information for the Blue M and Gruenberg brands.

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Blue M Warranty 

Select Blue M products offer an exclusive 2 year warranty for all domestic (US only) shipments for parts and labor for a period of 2 years from date of shipment. The 2 year warranty covers all parts and labor the first year including fan motors and heating elements; the second year is limited and covers parts and labor with the exception of fan motors and heating elements. Click here for additional warranty details.

Gruenberg Pharma Sterilizer

Gruenberg Warranty

Gruenberg is now offering a 1-year parts and labor warranty extension on all equipment when TPS performs your installation, or start-up and training service! With this extension, Gruenberg equipment would be covered for a total of 2-years! Click here for more information.