Environmental Chamber Repair & Services

We provide a full range of maintenance and repair services for our environmental chambers and ovens. Whether your unit requires an annual calibration or if it is in need of upgrades or repairs, who best to perform these services than the manufacturer.  Our field service technicians can also work on other manufacturer’s equipment, so you can count on us to keep all of your equipment running smoothly.  No matter what your need, you can be sure that the best technicians in the industry are maintaining your equipment.

We understand the inconvenience when a piece of vital equipment goes down.  It is our goal to be there for our customers throughout the entire lifespan of their equipment.  This includes technical support from our in house technical team; repair and maintenance support from our factory trained Field Support Engineers as well as the availability of short-term rental equipment from our Refurb & Rental Department.  No matter what your need, TPS has you covered.

If you are looking for Aftermarket Support on your environmental chamber, please click on the button below to submit a ticket and one of our team members will be in touch soon!



 Environmental Chamber Services Available:


Environmental Chamber Calibration

TPS can provide complete calibration services for your environmental chamber and oven equipment, to include: NIST & ISO 17025 calibration certifications. Learn more about our calibration services.

Installation Supervision

 A TPS supervisor guides your installation technicians through the process, giving you confidence that your equipment is assembled and installed correctly.

Start-up & Training

A TPS technician inspects the installation of your equipment and performs on-site adjustments prior to giving hands-on training to operator and maintenance personnel.

Turn-key Installation

A complete turn-key installation by TPS factory trained technicians takes care of your entire installation from start to finish.

Troubleshooting Assistance

Help is just a phone call away. No matter what TPS brand equipment you have you can always reach out to our in-house technical support staff for assistance.

Repair Services

Our factory trained field technicians can troubleshoot your equipment and make recommendations for repairs and upgrades.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is a service program in which wear and tear is anticipated. A PM program minimizes premature deterioration of equipment through corrective actions that ensure peak efficiency and performance. TPS technicians will customize a PM program for your equipment that involves a plan of systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and replacement of components, as well as performance testing and analysis. Learn more about preventative maintenance.

Temperature Uniformity

TPS can adjust your equipment for proper airflow balance and heat distribution, providing a tighter temperature tolerance. Consideration is given to air pressure (positive or negative) in your building, which can impact uniformity.

GAMP Documentation

From the client's URS, TPS offers development and execution of the full range of GAMP documentation including FRS, HDS, SDS, FAT, SAT, and IQ/OQ.

Water Quality Analysis

TPS performs water quality analysis testing to check for the presence of various harmful conditions. These tests include pH/Acid level, total dissolved solids level (TDS), and attacking elements (Chlorides, Chlorine, etc.). A report of the findings and suggestions on how to fix/prevent any issues found will be supplied.

Upgrades and Refurbishment of old or outdated equipment

You are now able to send your equipment into our Pennsylvania facility for a complete evaluation. We are able to quote you for anything from an upgrade to a complete refurbishment of your equipment. By sending in your equipment to our shop, we are able to take your equipment through the entire Refurb Process, including a fresh coat of paint! 

Replacement & Spare Parts

In addition to repair services, Thermal Product Solutions also offers spare parts and replacement parts for environmental chambers as well as maintenance kits and accessories for the environmental chambers and ovens we manufacture.

For more information on, or to order replacement parts, check out our replacement parts page

Rental Equipment

TPS always has a selection of environmental chambers and ovens available for rent. For more information about rental equipment, go to our Rental Equipment Page!

TPS MAX Program

The TPS MAX Program allows the customer to purchase future service and/or parts without the need to have a purchase order approved and released when parts or service are needed. These funds are available to be used on parts or service in the future, saving you and your company costly downtime. Learn more about our MAX Program.

For more information on parts or any of the repair the services above, please contact the TPS Service Department at 1-800-586-2473, visit our contact us page, or email our technical support staff at the appropriate email below.

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