Class A Ovens / Solvent Venting Ovens / Explosion Proof (XP) Ovens


Thermal Product Solutions supply Class A explosion proof ovens manufactured by Blue M and Gruenberg. These robust solvent venting ovens are designed to house volatile atmospheres used to handle and expel hazardous and flammable vapors. 




Blue M Friction-Aire® Safety Oven

Blue M Friction Aire® ovens provide a controlled heat source without heating elements, which eliminates atmospheric explosions and ignitions when working with hazardous Class 1, Group D materials. Class 1 atmospheres contain flammable vapors, and Group D materials include many solvents commonly used in finishing applications, such as lacquers and paints.

Blue M Class A Batch Oven

Blue M Class A Batch Ovens are mechanical convection electric chambers that include safety features recommended in NFPA Bulletin 86 as standard. The design of the chamber concedes that the element temperature may be well above the auto-ignition point of some flammable materials, but this is mitigated by maintaining a non-explosive mixture through the use of higher than normal exhaust rates. Increased heating element kW compensates for this exhaust factor.

Gruenberg Silver Select Panelized Class A Truck In Ovens

Gruenberg designs and manufactures a complete line of panelized Class A Truck-In and walk-in industrial ovens. Ideal for most solvent evaporation processes.

Chamber Size: 150 to 360 cubic feet

Key Specifications

  • Maximum Temperatures Range: 150°F to 500°F

Gruenberg Hurricane™ Oven Series

The Gruenberg Hurricane Oven Series utilizes two blowers to provide a patent-pending intrinsically safe heating method for applications involving hazardous Class 1 materials that may contain flammable vapors, as well as Group D materials which may include but not limited to many solvents used in finishing applications, such as:

  • Pre-heating
  • Wet paint curing
  • Powder curing
  • Adhesive curing
  • Ink curing
  • Bonding
  • Drying 
  • Heat treating

Blue M 146 Series Class A Mechanical Convection Oven

Blue M DCSA Class A Ovens are designed according to NFPA 86 requirements for the processing of alcohol, solvent mixes or other volatiles. These ovens employ open-air heater elements whose temperatures operate well above the auto ignition point of some flammable materials. This condition is mitigated by maintaining a very high exhaust rate with the introduction of fresh ambient air at a rate that makes process air nonexplosive. A negative pressure is maintained in the work chamber, ensuring that all hazardous vapors will be expelled through the exhaust duct and not through the oven door, blower shaft seal or apertures. These ovens are complete systems. No additional equipment or customized procedures are required to meet the recommendations of NFPA 86 for processing hazardous workloads.

Gruenberg Solvent Venting Class A Oven

All standard Gruenberg industrial ovens can be designed to house volatile atmospheres. Gruenberg designs all Class A industrial solvent venting industrial ovens to conform to OSHA, NFPA 86A, Factory Mutual (FM), and Factory Insurance Association (FIA) requirements.