Engineering Design Services

Engineering Design Services

Our engineers are always here to help you come up with custom equipment to meet your project’s specific needs. No matter how demanding.

Temperature, humidity, altitude, vacuum, or gravity – If you want to test it, we want to build it.

EDS Possibilities:

  • Proof of concept and proof of process
  • Development of test platforms and prototype units
  • Finite analysis and simulation design
  • Optimizing production processes
  • Photovoltaic materials research and testing
  • Alternative fuel process research and testing
  • Environmental control and clean processes
  • Processes requiring inert gas and vacuum applications
  • Pharmaceutical process research and testing
  • Custom process controls to solve manufacturing challenges

EDS Benefits:

  • Direct access to our engineering staff
  • Create innovative designs to help you accomplish your testing and manufacturing needs
  • Evaluate current process with a goal of saving time and costs
  • Collaborate with your staff to develop solutions that match your exact processes
  • Create a competitive edge for you by improving time to market

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