Employee Testimonials

  • Mark is a Senior Electrical Engineer with TPS. Mark joined TPS in 1992. Mark is a graduate of Williamsport Area Community College, Williamsport, PA.

    Mark’s job involves designing, developing, and supervising the creation of all aspects of electrical control systems on our equipment. Mark is pictured in front of the TPS Smart 1.0 controller on a Tenney environmental chamber.

    “I like working at TPS because every day is new learning experience. We are also engineering different models which keeps my work interesting and also creates great opportunities to learn new things.”

  • Jonathan joined TPS in 2014 as a Mechanical Engineer. In early 2018, Jonathan moved into a new position and is now an Applications Engineer. Jonathan is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

    While working as a Mechanical Engineer, Jonathan’s job involved researching, planning and designing mechanical and electromechanical products and systems. Jonathan was also is a resource to production staff during the assembly of the equipment on the manufacturing floor.

    “I like working at TPS because the company is willing to train new engineers to industry standards. My boss and senior engineers are great- they treat me like a peer, listen to my concerns and ask me for my ideas. I feel that I can talk to anyone in the business and share information. I also really like living in the New Columbia, PA area. For me TPS is in the perfect location and has a great staff supporting the company.”

    In his new role as an Applications Engineer, Jonathan is responsible for managing multiple projects and leading the technical interaction with the customer to determine accurate costs and ensure appropriate selling price and delivery schedule of products.

    “I decided to move to applications to broaden my background in the company. Applications has allowed me to learn more about our product than engineering because I am not limited to only what has been assigned to me. I quote several different units a week as well as perform the engineering that would be required for each sale. This position allows me to have more responsibilities and gives me the opportunity to help steer the direction of the company. Both positions have been substantial to learning engineering in both the mechanical and electrical fields due to our vast variety of products.”

  • Aaron started with TPS in 2007 as a Welder. Aaron is a graduate of the Welding program at SUN Area Technical School, New Berlin, PA. In 2017, Aaron was the lead person on our second shift for a time before he decided to move into the Gruenberg assembly department.

    While working in welding, Aaron’s job involves welding together metal frames and sheet metal components to construct the cabinets for our industrial ovens and environmental testing chambers using electric arc TIG and WIG welding techniques. Aaron is the lead person on our second shift and he is pictured next to a cabinet he is about to start putting together in our welding area.

    “I love working at TPS-it’s the Taj Mahal of fab shops! TPS provides a great atmosphere to work- it’s clean and climate controlled and the work I do is challenging. It’s very satisfying to work on projects and see the end results, plus the people I work with are fantastic!”

    In Gruenberg assembly, Aaron is responsible for following prints to construct and assemble industrial ovens and pharmaceutical equipment.

    “I like working in assembly because it’s challenging work following schematics to assemble custom ovens from the frame up. I was able to bring my welding knowledge to this position, but have also learned a lot, including some electrical and shipping knowledge. In this department, you learn a variety of skills and knowledge that can be applied to almost every department at TPS. I also like working as part of a larger good group of people to accomplish our goals, which includes both production employees and engineers working as a team.”

  • Blake is a Test Technician. Blake began working for TPS in October of 2014 as an electrician on the production floor. In March of 2016, Blake was promoted to a Test Technician working on industrial ovens and pharmaceutical equipment, what we refer to as our “hot” product line. Blake is a 2014 graduate of Triangle Tech in Sunbury, PA.

    Blake’s job involves testing and troubleshooting equipment to make sure it meets all functional requirements, of both TPS and the customer, and records results. When equipment does not function as it should, Blake must pinpoint the cause and help to make the necessary corrections.

    In this position, Blake relies on his electrical troubleshooting abilities as well as strong skills with PLCs. Blake must also interact with customers and provide them with the information they seek when they are visiting TPS.

    “Working as a test technician for TPS is a great opportunity to utilize my technical skills. I am constantly gaining new knowledge with industry standard devices. It is nice to be able to work with new equipment, and combine all of the electrical, mechanical, and programming into one functioning unit.”

  • Jen is a welder. Jen began working for TPS in early 2018 as a co-op student and then was hired on as a full time employee after she graduated. Jen is a 2018 graduate of the welding program at SUN Area Technical School, New Berlin, PA.

    Jen’s job involves welding together metal frames and sheet metal components to construct the cabinets for our industrial ovens and environmental testing chambers using electric arc TIG and WIG welding techniques.

    “TPS has a great atmosphere with great people and a very clean fabrication shop. I’ve gained more experience welding as well as with reading schematics and using them to assemble components. I enjoy the challenge of learning all of the products we manufacture.”

  • Brad is a HVAC Mechanical Assembler on our standard Tenney product line. Brad began working for TPS in 2018 and came to TPS with some related industry experience. Since he’s been here, Brad was able to obtain his EPA Section 608 Universal Certification to handle refrigerant.

    Brad’s job involves reading schematics and assembling components to create standard environmental testing chambers. Brad is standing in front of a standard Tenney unit.

    “I like the challenging work, ability to learn new things and the opportunity for career growth and advancement at TPS. This is also a family friendly environment and good atmosphere to work in- and another big plus is that it is a climate controlled working environment!”

  • Tyler is an HVAC Mechanic. Tyler began working for TPS in 2014. Tyler is a 2014 graduate of the HVAC program at SUN Area Technical School, New Berlin, PA.

    Tyler’s job involves reading schematics to create and build industrial refrigeration systems, which includes assembling all components, starting and charging the system and performing leak testing. Tyler also has the opportunity to cross-train in assembly as well and learn how to mount other components to create our equipment. Tyler is standing in front of a custom HVAC system for a large environmental testing chamber.

    “TPS gives you a great opportunity to expand your overall HVAC knowledge and improve brazing and soldering. This is definitely challenging HVAC work, but it’s been great learning how these custom systems work. This is an excellent opportunity for someone like me who enjoys learning new things. Plus, I really enjoy working at TPS, there are good people here to work for and with. The people here are also willing to help me learn.”