Employee Testimonials

  • Mark is a Senior Electrical Engineer with TPS. Mark joined TPS in 1992. Mark is a graduate of Williamsport Area Community College, Williamsport, PA.

    Mark’s job involves designing, developing, and supervising the creation of all aspects of electrical control systems on our equipment. Mark is pictured in front of the TPS Smart 1.0 controller on a Tenney environmental chamber.

    “I like working at TPS because every day is new learning experience. We are also engineering different models which keeps my work interesting and also creates great opportunities to learn new things.”

  • Jonathan is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Jonathan joined TPS in 2014 as a Mechanical Engineer. In early 2018, Jonathan was promoted to an Applications Engineer. In August 2019, Jonathan was promoted a second time to Product Manager for our Gruenberg and Blue M product lines.

    In his three different roles, Jonathan has been able to design equipment, assist with the design and quoting process with customers and now he’ll be focused on working with sales and our customers and managing specific products.

    “Opportunities presented here at TPS have helped me to get closer to my full potential and expand my knowledge/experience in the business. My prior two positions have given me the tools that will allow me to be a champion for the Blue-M and Gruenberg product lines. Management here is excited to see improvements and new ideas flow through the company while maintaining our growth as a business. I look forward to working the company for many years in the future as a next-generation leader in the industry. TPS is a great place to work in a wonderful area to live.”

  • Aaron started with TPS in 2007 as a Welder. Aaron is a graduate of the Welding program at SUN Area Technical School, New Berlin, PA. In 2017, Aaron was the lead person on our second shift for a time before he decided to move into the Gruenberg assembly department.

    While working in welding, Aaron’s job involves welding together metal frames and sheet metal components to construct the cabinets for our industrial ovens and environmental testing chambers using electric arc TIG and WIG welding techniques. Aaron is the lead person on our second shift and he is pictured next to a cabinet he is about to start putting together in our welding area.

    “I love working at TPS-it’s the Taj Mahal of fab shops! TPS provides a great atmosphere to work- it’s clean and climate controlled and the work I do is challenging. It’s very satisfying to work on projects and see the end results, plus the people I work with are fantastic!”

    In Gruenberg assembly, Aaron is responsible for following prints to construct and assemble industrial ovens and pharmaceutical equipment.

    “I like working in assembly because it’s challenging work following schematics to assemble custom ovens from the frame up. I was able to bring my welding knowledge to this position, but have also learned a lot, including some electrical and shipping knowledge. In this department, you learn a variety of skills and knowledge that can be applied to almost every department at TPS. I also like working as part of a larger good group of people to accomplish our goals, which includes both production employees and engineers working as a team.”

  • Blake is a Test Technician. Blake began working for TPS in October of 2014 as an electrician on the production floor. In March of 2016, Blake was promoted to a Test Technician working on industrial ovens and pharmaceutical equipment, what we refer to as our “hot” product line. Blake is a 2014 graduate of Triangle Tech in Sunbury, PA.

    Blake’s job involves testing and troubleshooting equipment to make sure it meets all functional requirements, of both TPS and the customer, and records results. When equipment does not function as it should, Blake must pinpoint the cause and help to make the necessary corrections.

    In this position, Blake relies on his electrical troubleshooting abilities as well as strong skills with PLCs. Blake must also interact with customers and provide them with the information they seek when they are visiting TPS.

    “Working as a test technician for TPS is a great opportunity to utilize my technical skills. I am constantly gaining new knowledge with industry standard devices. It is nice to be able to work with new equipment, and combine all of the electrical, mechanical, and programming into one functioning unit.”

  • Dave started with TPS in 2017 as a Mechanical Assembler on the Gruenberg product line. In 2018, a position opened up in the HVAC department on our Tenney product line and Dave applied for it and got the job! Dave has always worked in mechanically inclined roles, but the position in Tenney also included learning HVAC, which was something he had not worked with before.

    Dave’s job involves reading refrigeration schematics and building refrigeration skids that used in our Tenney product line of environmental testing chambers. Dave is standing in front of a refrigeration skid he built.

    “I love working on the Tenney product line! I never worked with HVAC before or soldered before this either, but the team was willing to teach me everything they knew. I really appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to learn a new skillset at TPS.”

  • Danielle began her career at TPS as an intern, working during summer and winter breaks before joining the team as a full time Mechanical Engineer after graduating from college in June of 2020. Danielle is a graduate of Geneva College, with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in mathematics.

    Danielle’s job involves designing equipment for our customers. Danielle has had the opportunity to work across all of our product lines to increase her knowledge and gain experience with our equipment and customers.

    Danielle said she likes working as a Mechanical Engineer at TPS because “TPS fosters one of the best work atmospheres I have ever experienced. Everyone I have interacted with in all departments of the facility has always been eager to provide assistance and direction when asked or needed. I am constantly learning and developing as an engineer at TPS, and it truly is a blessing to get to work here.”