Employee Testimonials

  • Mark is a Senior Electrical Engineer with TPS. Mark joined TPS in 1992. Mark is a graduate of Williamsport Area Community College, Williamsport, PA.

    Mark’s job involves designing, developing, and supervising the creation of all aspects of electrical control systems on our equipment. Mark is pictured in front of the TPS Smart 1.0 controller on a Tenney environmental chamber.

    “I like working at TPS because every day is new learning experience. We are also engineering different models which keeps my work interesting and also creates great opportunities to learn new things.”

  • Jonathan is a Mechanical Engineer and he joined TPS in 2014. Jonathan is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

    Jonathan’s job involves researching, planning and designing mechanical and electromechanical products and systems. Jonathan also is a resource to production staff during the assembly of the equipment on the manufacturing floor. Jonathan is pictured preparing engineering drawings in Solid Works.

    “I like working at TPS because the company is willing to train new engineers to industry standards. My boss and senior engineers are great- they treat me like a peer, listen to my concerns and ask me for my ideas. I feel that I can talk to anyone in the business and share information. I also really like living in the New Columbia, PA area. For me TPS is in the perfect location and has a great staff supporting the company.”

  • Jake is a Field Service Technician and he joined TPS in 2011. Jake is a graduate of the HVAC program at SUN Area Technical School, New Berlin, PA.

    Jake’s job involves traveling to customer locations, both domestically and internationally, to repair and service environmental testing chambers and industrial ovens. Jake is pictured inspecting the HVAC components on a Tenney environmental chamber.

    “As a Field Service Technician Engineer, I have the privilege to travel across the US to service all product lines that TPS manufactures. I always like being able to meet new people and build positive relationships with our customers. I enjoy the challenges that come along with field Service, trouble shooting, and resolving problems is something that excites me.”

  • Travis is a Machine Operator. Travis joined TPS in 2011 and he is a graduate of the Precision Machining program at SUN Area Technical School, New Berlin, PA.

    Travis’ job involves running a variety of machines in our fabrication department including the cut-off saw, shear, press brake, and also work in the machine shop. Travis is pictured next to a machine he runs frequently, the Amada, which is a punch and laser combination.

    “TPS is a great employer for the younger generation. TPS has given me and others the opportunity to demonstrate our skills we acquired at school while also allowing us the opportunity to learn new skills.”

  • Aaron is a Welder. Aaron joined TPS in 2007 and he is a graduate of the Welding program at SUN Area Technical School, New Berlin, PA.

    Aaron’s job involves welding together metal frames and sheet metal components to construct the cabinets for our industrial ovens and environmental testing chambers using electric arc TIG and WIG welding techniques. Aaron is the lead person on our second shift and he is pictured next to a cabinet he is about to start putting together in our welding area.

    “I love working at TPS-it’s the Taj Mahal of fab shops! TPS provides a great atmosphere to work- it’s clean and climate controlled and the work I do is challenging. It’s very satisfying to work on projects and see the end results, plus the people I work with are fantastic!”

  • Ryan is an Electrical Assembler. Ryan joined TPS in 2014 and he is a graduate of the Maintenance Electricity program at Triangle Tech in Sunbury, PA.

    Ryan’s job involves wiring complex control panels and also assisting in the overall mechanical assembly of Tenney environmental chambers. Ryan is pictured in front of a relay panel that he is wiring.

    “TPS has been a really good fit for me. I am able to utilize my electrical education while also learning new skills. Everyone at TPS is positive, cares about each other and is focused on a common goal which is producing a great product for our customers around the globe. I have been here a year and am proud to be part of the TPS team!”