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At TPS, our engineering design services team will work with you to help turn your biggest thermal-processing challenges into business successes. We’ve collaborated with some of the largest and most well-known manufacturers in the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, technology, energy, electronics, consumer goods, and defense industries to develop innovative thermal-processing solutions designed to achieve the specific results our customers needed, while helping them avoid unwanted outcomes.

  • Marinite construction for non-metallic and  non-magnetic applications
  • Break-away blast chambers for testing explosives
  • Optics Conveyor Ovens for curing silicone hydrogel based lenses
  • CHIL construction ensures minimum heat transfer from chamber to exterior
  • Military and aerospace
  • Consumer product testing
  • Clean room applications
  • Explosive and inert gas atmospheres
  • High temperatures and vacuums
  • Small footprint designs
  • Robotic load/unload
  • Web-based management

Design Possibilities? It’s Mission Possible, with a TPS Custom Solution.

Innovation with a Reason: ROI

Custom IndustrialYou don’t have money to burn. So, if you’re going to invest in a custom industrial oven that’s tailored to your specific process, you want to know before you buy that it will offer a good return on your investment. Our team will work with you to devise a smart and sensible solution you can’t afford to miss!

  • Nitrogen feedback loop
  • Impervious barrier between the process chamber and insulation material
  • Top-mounted, solvent-condensing system
  • Intrinsically safe, interior design
  • Forced-air exhaust system
  • Ambient-air intake port
  • Pressure-relief panel
  • Explosion-proof junction box
  • Safety cage
  • Semi-pierced, duct-wall construction
  • Vertical-lift doors
  • Pneumatically inflated door gaskets
  • Inert atmosphere
  • Chilled-water cooling system
  • High-volume, horizontal airflow system
  • Semi-pierced duct walls
  • Removable, bolt-on, end panels.
  • Guide rail system
  • Energy-efficient, Incoloy® sheathed, tubular heaters
  • Remote Chromolox fluid heat-transfer system
  • Exhaust bypass system
  • Solvent-recovery system
  • Refrigerated evaporator cooling coil
  • Vertical, counterweighted, pneumatically operated lift door on both sides
  • High-volume, vertical-up controlled airflow
  • Product carriers, with hooks
  • Speed-controlled, conveyor-gear motor with a variable frequency drive
  • Pneumatic can pusher

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