Think : Thermal : Looking Forward to 2018 at TPS

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2018 promises to be a great year at Thermal Product Solutions (TPS). Our industrial and laboratory furnaces and ovens, and environmental temperature and stability test chambers are used for a multitude of applications in almost every industry. From the thermal processing of components to the testing of products before they hit the market, our equipment plays a large role in bringing you those everyday items that add quality, comfort, and convenience to your life.

As we begin a new year on the heels of record sales here at TPS, we are looking to add a number of qualified professionals to our team. Throughout the year, we will be looking for talented people in the skilled trades and engineering fields to join our team. At TPS, our employees are an important part of the ongoing processes that bring innovative new technology to life. We look forward to welcoming several new members to the TPS team by the end of the year.

We will also continue our blog series detailing how industry professionals use our equipment to manufacture and test many of the products you use every day. During the first part of the year, we will wrap up our 2-part blog on pill production. We will also go into how manufacturers use our environmental test chambers to test products that you commonly use, before the products reach the market. Some of the products tested include key fobs and ignition components in the automotive industry, cell phones and circuit boards in the electronics industry, and linear motion actuators used in satellites and space rovers in the space industry. Testing products in an environmental test chamber ensures that these products are safe and durable in a variety of conditions.

In the second half of the year, we will walk through the history of the TPS group. Each of the TPS brands has its own unique and interesting history. We’ll explore their stories as they developed throughout the years and ultimately came to be Thermal Product Solutions. We hope you will return often to read our blog series and check out all the brands and products TPS has to offer.