Think : Thermal : The Internship Program at TPS offers Students Multiple Benefits

TPS offers a unique and exciting opportunity for interns to get paid to learn new skills that they can then use on the job in the future. Spanning several different in-demand technical and skilled trade fields, a co-op or internship with TPS provides students with hands-on knowledge within specific areas of manufacturing. There are opportunities in production for machinists, assemblers, welders, and machine operators. There are also electrical and mechanical engineering internships that provide a wealth of technical experience and can include advanced electrical work and PLC programming.  Working closely with a number of local colleges within the area, TPS provides key learning opportunities for students that are designed to provide them with the boost they need to succeed in the highly-competitive manufacturing world of today.

Benefits of a TPS Internship

In addition to the advantages of a TPS internship noted above, here are a few other things students have said about participating in the program:
• Comprehensive on-the-job training with a one-on-one ratio. This type of atmosphere allows the intern to enjoy a robust relationship with a seasoned professional who is invested in their success.
• For internships during the semester, the students appreciate the flexibility with their class schedule and the fact that TPS understands that school comes first.
• Students are able to take theory they learned in class and apply it to real life scenarios. They feel they are able to learn so much more through the hands on work at TPS. They appreciate that the work given to them at TPS is meaningful “real” work on current projects and not just busy work. The schools do not always offer this type of real world training so students gain more specialized knowledge at TPS than they would in the classroom.
• Students are able to see how their job connects to other jobs in the organization and learn about those other jobs. This gives them a better understanding of how a business operates overall.
• The TPS team is a great group of employees with a lot of experience who coach, mentor and train the students. The TPS employees are a source of valuable information to the students.
• Students are able to earn extra money through the internship and credits for school bringing them closer to graduation.
• Some interns have been hired on after graduation into a full-time position which is a great benefit to both TPS and the student.

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