Fueling the Industry

The need for speed doesn't go without its safety precautions. The thousands of components that work to get us where we need to be have to be functioning at their absolute best. The mechanics, rubber material, levers, latches, and even cup holders need to be processed through temperature and pressure tests to assure quality performance for miles.

Reliable and low cost solutions to vehicle testing are provided by TPS. Whether hardening metal parts or testing them against environmental factors, we have the materials you need to create industry-leading products.

How We Go the Extra Mile

  • Temperature, altitude, humidity, and vacuum tests determine how vehicles will perform under the most relentless conditions.
  • Solvent-venting and explosion resistant chambers assure safe product testing.
  • Curing and convection ovens harden metal components and paints in the vehicle production process.
  • Battery-testing solutions assure high-performance quality in a safe atmosphere.