Defense and Aerospace

Soaring to New Heights

As we explore our world on land, sea, and in the air, new technologies are born. The defense and aerospace industry has experienced a boom over the recent years, and the need for safe, quality components and products is now a heightened priority.

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) is helping to meet that demand with a wide range of thermal testing chambers and atmospheric simulators that meet military standards. Our team of experts can engineer and customize products to your exact needs, assuring you a solution to any issue. Leaders in the defense contracting and arms industries come to us with one thing in mind: high-caliber satisfaction.

Come Fly With Us

  • Cutting-edge technology in thermal testing allows processing with temperatures climbing to nearly 1800°C.
  • Altitude and vacuum chambers simulate conditions up to 200,000 feet.
  • Walk-in rooms and top-loading ovens are capable of testing large capacity products.
  • Thermal shock and safety ovens aid in protection and hazard engineering.