Lab Ovens

Your Multi-Purpose Cure

A versatile industry product, lab ovens are used for an innumerable amount of applications and processing. When your job requires baking, curing, drying, annealing, sterilizing, or simple heat-processing, lab ovens meet the demand. With constant heating and cooling, durability and consistency are important qualities to find in these machines.

The variety of lab ovens offered by TPS provide excellent reliability and performance. With a range of configurations like clean room, horizontal airflow, inert atmosphere, convection ovens and much more, no production is left without a quality solution.

Heating Things Up

  • Curing, drying, and annealing ovens harden or increase ductility of products quickly and efficiently.
  • Safety and solvent-venting ovens protect products, workers, and the environment from harmful toxins and reactions.
  • Truck-in and conveyor oven construction minimizes equipment effort, increasing machine lifetime.
  • Modular oven configurations available in space-saving designs for small workspaces.