Material Processing

A Refining Industry

Almost everything in production is processed from another material. Grains and minerals transform into powders, and solid metals reduce to smaller particles. The material processing industry is the fundamental grunt work that other productions rely on, but the industry itself relies on companies like us to help them do their job precisely.

The wide range of ovens and furnaces provided by TPS can heat up, cool down, melt, and mutate any material required for further processing. Our custom and standard machinery can meet any size and specification requirements vital to quality production.

Adding to the Process

  • Industrial and high temperature convection ovens heat and cool down the strongest metals quickly.
  • Curing ovens harden metals to provide optimal operation and lifetime.
  • Temperature and humidity test chambers analyze the performance of products under tough conditions.
  • A wide range of furnaces and configurations melt and mutate any metal into precise requirements.