Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment

Spread the Health

Cleanliness can save lives in the pharmaceutical industry. The growth of microorganisms and bacteria is a main concern for scientists in medical, laboratory, and healthcare environments. Not only do microbes and parasites affect the consumer, but the product itself.

TPS aids the pharmaceutical industry in creating safer tools and products by providing them with top-notch sterilizers, ovens, and dryers. With the assistance of our thermal solutions, no products are a risk to success.

Our Sanitary Solutions

  • Economical steam sterilizers are also environmentally friendly and ideal for extremely resistant fungi and viruses.
  • High-quality, dry heat sterilization chambers help gradual sterilization of powder or non-steam compatible products.
  • Curing ovens provide quick hardening and preservation of commodities.
  • All products can be customized to meet sizing and temperature requirements for specific processes.