Rubber and Plastic

A Flexible Industry

The rubber and plastic industry is quite extensive, distributing to companies that make tires, bottles, and much more. Two malleable materials, it is necessary that products made of rubber or plastic are tested for any changes that may occur while the product is in use. They also may require processes such as annealing to make the final product more ductile or to prevent cracking.

TPS provides environmental chambers, annealing ovens, and other testing chambers that serve the rubber and plastic industry. Whether testing flammability, ductility, or ASTM standards, our machines assure safe, high-quality results.

Molding the Process

  • Temperature and humidity chambers will determine whether a product will function the same in alternating conditions.
  • Drying and curing ovens harden or make products more ductile for the desired results.
  • Solvent-venting and safety ovens assure product and user protection from hazardous release of materials.
  • A variety of furnaces with a large temperature range can heat and cool material to precise requirements.