Lunaire Steady State Testing Chamber

Our highest performing steady state chambers with the largest workspace

  • High Low Limit Alarms
  • High Capacity (10, 20 and 30 cubic foot workspace)
  • High Performance  
    • -20°C to 200°C temperature range
    • ±0.3° after stabilization
    • 20% to 95% RH in the dry bulb range of +20°C to +85°C, limited by a 5°C dewpoint
    • ±2% for relative humidity
  • ICH Q1A Stability Testing
    • Long Term Performance: 25°C/60% RH or 30°C/60% RH
    • Intermediate Performance: 30°C/65% RH
    • Accelerated Performance: 40°C/75% RH
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Set up and monitoring is fast and easy


  • Humidity option (3°C dew point) is ideal for 85°C + 94% relative humidity, tested for 3,000 + hours for reliability
  • Meets a variety of needs with availability in three sizes and multiple temperature and humidity combinations
  • Temperature / humidity settings are housed conveniently in one controller and allow for hand-free operation
  • Designed for quick shipping, easy installation, and consistency over controls, utility requirements, and heat output
  • The highly efficient airflow system in the Lunaire Steady State Testing Chamber provides maximum temperature uniformity in testing
  • Safety-minded low limit and high limit temperature shutdown circuits sound, limiting unwanted results


  • Rapid Response Nichrome heaters
  • Single stage reciprocating type compressor with Non-CFC refrigerant
  • Vapor-Flo IV Humidity Generator
  • Fan blade with external mounted motor for air circulation
  • Door gasket trough and chamber drain

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  • Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

    Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

    The Watlow F4T Temperature Controller with INTUITION™ temperature process controller combines the flexibility of a modular I/O controller with best-in-class ease of use.


    • 4.3-inch, color touch panel with high-resolution, graphical user-interface
    • 1 to 4 control loops with TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control algorithm for superior controllability
    • 40 ramp and soak profiles with real-time clock and battery backup.
    • Ethernet Modbus® TCP connectivity
    • High-speed USB 2.0 host port
    • Modular design, which offers numerous types of field pluggable modules for maximum flexibility and easiest compatibility
    • Optional Data Logging capability
    • Optional Graphical Trend Chart
    • TPS provides panel mounted USB and Ethernet ports located on the front control panel of the equipment


  • Dry Air Purge System

    Dry Air Purge System

    • removes unwanted moisture and process vapors from chamber
    • a chamber valve prevents chamber from becoming pressurized
    • self regenerating twin tower heatless dessicant type dryer
    • activated by an event output from main controller

  • Chart Recorder

    Chart Recorder

    • Circular or strip type
    • Records temperature versus time
    • Some models include digital display
    • J thermocouple for temperature measurement


  Lunaire Steady State Testing Chamber Specifications

Model #
Temperature Range Inside Dimensions In. Overall Dimensions In. Relative Humidity Range Electrical Requirements Weight (lbs)
SS-10 -20°C to 200°C 24 27.5 28 34 60 74 20% to 95% RH in the dry bulb range of +20°C to +85°C, limited by a 5°C dewpoint
230/240 V~ / 1PH / 60Hz 1250
SS-20 -20°C to 200°C 30 32 36 45 64 77 20% to 95% RH in the dry bulb range of +20°C to +85°C, limited by a 5°C dewpoint
230/240 V~ / 1PH / 60Hz 1500
SS-30 -20°C to 200°C 36 40 36 51 72 77 20% to 95% RH in the dry bulb range of +20°C to +85°C, limited by a 5°C dewpoint
230/240 V~ / 1PH / 60Hz 1700