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Blue M Lab Oven

Blue M Lab Oven

The Blue M Lab Oven features horizontal air flow that allows for tighter temperature uniformity. It also offers adjustable over-temperature protection to prevent damage to the oven or its load. The Blue M lab oven is ideal for moisture drying, curing, baking, aging and general testing.

Chamber Size: .95 to 30 cubic feet

Key Specifications
  • Temperature Range: 10°C above ambient to 260°C
  • Control: ≤ ±1°C
  • Uniformity: ≤ ±3°C
  • Run up time to maximum temperature: ≤100min.

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Blue M Gravity Oven

Blue M Gravity Oven

Blue M Gravity Ovens are value-priced gravity convection lab ovens for many industrial uses such as drying and baking. Gravity Ovens are designed for applications where a fan or other air flow would disturb the thermal process, such as processing of lightweight materials or powders. Gravity Ovens are designed for laboratory applications that require less temperature uniformity than other types of mechanical convection lab ovens. Each gravity oven model generates a unique natural air convection supply through perforated stainless steel shelves to achieve temperature uniformity without blowers. 

Chamber Size:
0.95 to 7.9 cubic feet

Key Specifications
  • Temperature Range: 10°C above ambient to 260°C
  • Control: ≤ ±1°C
  • Uniformity: ≤ ±3%
  • Run up time to maximum temperature: ≤100 minutes

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