Think : Thermal : Recruiting at TPS

Does that thought of being involved in the next big medical technology break through excite you?

Does that thought of being involved in the next big medical technology break through excite you?  Would being involved in cutting edge electronic or automotive technology inspire you?  Are you looking for not just a job, but a satisfying career opportunity?  One where you can be challenged, grow with the company and be rewarded for your efforts?  Look no farther than TPS!

At TPS, we are a leader in thermal processing and test solutions.  We make industrial ovens and thermal testing chambers.  We serve many different industries from automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, aerospace, defense, medical, gas and oil and more!  Our products help to make life better for people around the globe.

We are looking for talented contributors to join our growing team!  Each person at TPS plays an important role and has the opportunity to make solid contributions to the business.  We look for individuals with backgrounds in engineering, sales, parts and service, HVAC, electrical, fabrication, and mechanical assembly.

Manufacturing is alive, well and thriving in the US and at TPS!  We manufacture all of the products we sell in our New Columbia, PA facility and have a need to hire individuals from the skilled trades.  We offer great job opportunities with growth potential, great wages, benefits that can support a family and excellent working conditions at our state-of-the-art climate controlled production facility.

Manufacturing is important to the US and local economy and the jobs we have at TPS are not stereotypical manufacturing jobs of decades ago. All of our employees need to have a solid foundation in technical skills in order to be successful.  We use computers in all areas of our production facility, including flat screens and monitors to pull up blue prints and information.  Our electricians and test technicians are involved in advanced electrical job functions that include troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).  We aren’t an assembly line stamping out the same products hour after hour, but rather a custom equipment manufacturer and we require smart and skilled technicians to assemble our products. 

Are you considering training in the skilled trades, but don’t believe working at TPS is as good as it sounds?  Or do you know someone with a skilled trade background looking for a new opportunity?  Contact TPS today for more information or view our current job openings at /about/career-opportunities