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Tenney Benchmaster BTRC-WF4T-C Temperature / Humidity Test Chamber TPS 1 in Stock
Ships in 2-3 Days

Tenney Benchmaster BTRC-WF4T-C Temperature / Humidity Test Chamber Serial# - 145508

Rental Unit In - Stock. Can ship in 2-3 days.

Tenney's Benchmaster temperature and humidity test chambers are capable of simulating a wide range of temperature or temperature and humidity conditions. The five-cubic foot work space will readily accept equipment as large as a 19" relay rack. 

In keeping with the needs of today's lab, we designed these temperature and humidity test chambers to have a compact exterior that maximizes the interior work space. 


  • Simulates a wide range of temperature or combined temperature and humidity conditions to meet a variety of testing needs
  • Compact design maximizes interior laboratory work space
  • Vertical-down airflow assures consistent conditions
  • Window in door with interior light


  • Vapor-tight interior liners of 100% continuously welded stainless steel
  • Humidity capable models constructed of 100% non-corroding parts and have a low-water protection system
  • Open-air low mass nichrome wire heating elements
Purchase Price: N/A
Rental Price: $1,450.00 / month

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Lunaire CEO-910-2 Temperature Steady State Stability Test Chamber TPS 10°C above ambient to 99°C

Lunaire CEO-910-2 Temperature Steady State Stability Test Chamber Serial# - 25881-01

Fully Refurbished Steady State Chamber.  Available for Rent or Purchase.  Can Ship in 2-3 Days! 


  • Meets a variety of needs with availability in four sizes and multiple temperature and humidity combinations
  • Designed for quick shipping, easy installation, and consistency over controls, utility requirements, and heat output
  • Air intake and exhaust tubes with manual dampers vent undesirable process moisture and vapors, protecting the product
  • Highly efficient horizontal airflow system provides maximum temperature uniformity in testing
  • Safety-minded low limit and high limit temperature shutdown circuits sound, limiting unwanted results
  • Low maintenance design


  • Electric Incoloy-sheathed tubular heaters
  • Centrifugal type blower wheel with external mounted motor for air circulation
  • Door Gasket Trough and Chamber Drain
  • Non-ramping, manual mode
Purchase Price: $ 8,700.00
Rental Price: $ 650.00 / month

Blue M ESP-400-C-RKC RF100 Mechanical Convection Oven TPS Temperature: 15°C Above Ambient to 260°C
NEW Unit with 2 Year Warranty

Blue M ESP-400-C-RKC RF100 Mechanical Convection Oven Serial# - 156550

NEW Unit & Ready to Ship! 1 Left!  Can Ship in 2-3 Days!

This small, cost-effective industrial oven provides reliable performance with horizontal air flow which offers excellent temperature uniformity, and is an ideal selection for applications where there are multiple tiers of product arranged to allow air to flow horizontally from side-to-side. This economy oven features Blue M's onepass air flow system which allows incoming air to pass over the heaters and through the work chamber only once, if desired, enabling fast cool down or quickly venting non-hazardous fumes.


  • Horizontal airflow is ideal for thermal constancy and fast run-up and cool down rates
  • Alert system protects overheating from occurring and automatically disconnects heater


  • Open-air nichrome wire heater elements
  • Centrifugal blower wheel
  • Adjustable air intake and exhaust dampers
  • Stainless steel interior corrosion resistant, - including inner face of door.
  • Profiling or single setpoint temperature controls
Purchase Price: $ 6,532.00

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Blue M Gravity Oven GO-90E TPS 2 Available
Can Ship in 2-3 Days

Blue M Gravity Oven GO-90E Serial# - E2105184

Customer Returned Unit.  Very minor ding on top of door. Sold with 10%+ Discount.

Blue M Gravity Ovens are value-priced gravity convection ovens for many industrial uses such as drying and baking. Gravity Ovens are designed for applications where a fan or other air flow would disturb the thermal process, such as processing of lightweight materials or powders. Gravity Ovens are designed for applications that require less temperature uniformity than other types of mechanical convection ovens. Each gravity oven model generates a unique natural air convection supply through perforated stainless steel shelves to achieve temperature uniformity without blowers.


  • Economical design
  • Uninterrupted thermal processing via non-fan airflow system
  • Tight temperature uniformity
  • Independent and adjustable over-temperature protection against load and oven damage


  • Stainless steel interior
  • Powder-coated exterior
  • Vertical-up gravity convection airflow
  • Adjustable shelving with 2 perforated shelves for airflow
  • Gravity convection heating method
Purchase Price: $3,203.00

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Tenney EVO-025 Vacuum Oven TPS Temperature: +20°C Above Ambient to +200°C
Can ship in 3-4 Weeks

Tenney EVO-025 Vacuum Oven Serial# - Can ship in 3-4 Weeks


Tenney vacuum ovens are designed for drying, curing, outgassing, aging, process control and many other applications which require elevated temperature in reduced atmospheres. The vacuum oven includes microprocessor digital control, built-in over temperature protection as well as a door with full viewing window. 


  • Convenient design allows for simultaneous depressurization and heating conditioning within one machine
  • Vacuum chamber designed for efficiency and simplicity in operation
  • Reach precise altitude conditions for optimal test results with various vacuum and vent solenoid valves
  • Designed for simultaneous depressurization and heating/drying conditioning


  • Electric heaters that circumvent the structural shell of oven
  • Thermostat for over temperature protection
  • Variable capacitance type absolute pressure transducer to measure chamber pressure
  • Single-stage or two-stage oil-seated rotary vane vacuum pump included
Purchase Price: $39,450.00
Rental Price: $3,800.00 / month

50Hz Tenney C30RC2.0-A-S1.1-NY TPS 50 Hz Units
One In Stock & Ready for Shipment

50Hz Tenney C30RC2.0-A-S1.1-NY "C-EVO" Environmental Test Chamber Serial# - 128187

Ready for International Shipment!  (1) 50Hz, C30RC Environmental Test Chambers.  For Purchase Only!  Can Ship in 3-5 Days!

Since 1932, Tenney has pioneered the design and manufacturing of environmental test chambers. Designed for value, reliability, and performance, the Tenney C-EVO Temperature / Humidity Test Chamber is a world class environmental cycling test chamber loaded with standard features and advanced technological upgrades:

  • Smallest equipment footprint in the industry
  • Superior Heat Capacity (KW), Cooling Capacity (HP/BTU) and Air Flow Capacity (CFM) deliver the best temperature change rates and uniformity in the industry
  • Redundant user and equipment safety features are standard


  • Robust design delivers consistent, reliable, repeatable results that lead to higher productivity
  • Improved serviceability and reduced maintenance cost
  • Programmable controller - Smart 1.1TM - is very intuitive - easy to set up and user-friendly
  • Constructed for long life and thermal integrity


  • Smart 1.1™ 7" controller
  • Ethernet port
  • USB port
  • Heated viewing glass window
  • Chamber light
  • Two 3” cable ports
  • Solid state humidity sensor
  • Platinum RTD temperature sensor
  • Heavy duty leveling casters
  • Nichrome wire air heater
  • Solid state pressure switches
  • Thermal expansion valves
  • FM approved safety OTP
  • Backup safety thermal cutoff
  • Main electrical disconnect LOTO
  • Chamber vent port
  • One shelf standard
Purchase Price: $28,937.00 each

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