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Tenney Thermal Shock Junior Test Chamber Serial#: 28469

Just Completed! Refurbished Unit - Ready for Shipment in 2-3 Days!  


  • Provides two opposite temperature extremes for accurate and efficient temperature cycling and thermal shock testing
  • Fully automatic chamber control features easy-to-read alphanumeric display
  • Cold chamber also serves as convenient full range test chamber
  • The Tenney Thermal Shock Junior Test Chamber is a cost-effective alternative to larger capacity units
  • Ensures optimal product performance, meeting military standards MIL-STD-883C and MIL-STD-202F


  • Separate hot and cold chambers
  • Automatic, motor-driven transport carriage with wire mesh stainless steel basket and electric brake
  • Efficient vertical-down airflow system
  • Vapor-tight interior liners made of 100% continuously welded stainless steel
  • Electric open-air nichrome wire heater elements and ceramic insulators
  • Efficient cascade refrigeration system with two hermetic reciprocating type compressors
  • Cascade mechanical refrigeration with LN2 cooling boost

Pricing Information

  • List Price New: $28,578.00
  • Purchase This Unit For: $20,800.00


  • Model Number: TSJR
  • Temperature Range Cold: -65°C to +200°C
  • Temperature Range Hot: +40°C to +200°C
  • Carriage Capacity: 10.5" wide x 6-1/8" deep x 6" high- 3lbs max.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 63" wide x 22" deep x 41" high
  • Voltage: 230V 1 Phase 60 Hz.
  • Fuse: 30A 
  • Cabinet Type: Benchtop - Horizontal
  • FG#: R190327


Control System

Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

The Watlow F4T Temperature Controller with INTUITION™ temperature process controller combines the flexibility of a modular I/O controller with best-in-class ease of use.


  • 4.3-inch, color touch panel with high-resolution, graphical user-interface
  • 1 to 4 control loops with TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control algorithm for superior controllability
  • 40 ramp and soak profiles with real-time clock and battery backup.
  • Ethernet Modbus® TCP connectivity
  • High-speed USB 2.0 host port
  • Modular design, which offers numerous types of field pluggable modules for maximum flexibility and easiest compatibility
  • Optional Data Logging capability
  • Optional Graphical Trend Chart
  • TPS provides panel mounted USB and Ethernet ports located on the front control panel of the equipment


 Included Options:
  • LN2 Boost Cooling
  • GN2 Purge System
  • (1) Basket with clips
  • Watlow F4T Controller w/Ethernet Connection
  • Temp Guard IV Over-Temperature Protection
Available Options:
  • Dry Air Purge System
  • Watlow F4T Data Logging upgrade
  • Watlow F4T Chart Trending Upgrade
  • Cable Access Traveling Port
  • Additional TSJR Baskets
  • TSJR Cart
LinkTenn 32 Controller Software
LinkTenn 32 Controller Software

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