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A Rare Find!
Recent Trade In unit

Espec EWPT - Large, High Ramp Temperature Chamber Serial#: 304191D

Trade-In Unit - Can Be Ready in 8-10 Weeks!

Up to 8°C/Minute Cooling Rate

Standard Features:

• Watlow F4T Touch-screen Controller with Data Logging
• (6) 3" (76mm) access ports on the left and right side walls and ceiling
• Large heated viewing window
• Single left-hand hinged door
• Heavy duty adjustable door latch
• Emergency stop push-button
• Water-cooled refrigeration system- Remote Air Cooled optional
• Power Requirements: 460VAC (+15%/-10%), three phase, 60Hz @ 100Amps
• Interior light


Pricing Information

  • Purchase This Unit For: $ 35,600.00
  • Rent This Unit For: $3,500.00 / month


  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +80°C     -35°C Ultimate     
  • Interior Dimensions: 47" wide x 53" deep x 96.5" high
  • Exterior Dimensions: 67" wide x 111" deep x 107" high  
  • Voltage: 460VAC, 3 phase, 60Hz. 100A fuse
  • Refrigeration: 15HP Reciprocating, Single Stage, Water Cooled (17GPM @ 65°F flow rate)
  • Air Flow: Vertical
  • Access Port: (2)3-inch ports on Right and Left Sidewalls, (2)3-inch ports on Ceiling
  • Ramp Rates: 25°C to -30°C - 7 Minutes
  •                     : 80°C to 2°C - 6 Minutes
  •                     : 25°C to 80°C - 7 Minutes
  • FG#: R170921

Control System

Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

The Watlow F4T Temperature Controller with INTUITION™ temperature process controller combines the flexibility of a modular I/O controller with best-in-class ease of use.


  • 4.3-inch, color touch panel with high-resolution, graphical user-interface
  • 1 to 4 control loops with TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control algorithm for superior controllability
  • 40 ramp and soak profiles with real-time clock and battery backup.
  • Ethernet Modbus® TCP connectivity
  • High-speed USB 2.0 host port
  • Modular design, which offers numerous types of field pluggable modules for maximum flexibility and easiest compatibility
  • Optional Data Logging capability
  • Optional Graphical Trend Chart
  • TPS provides panel mounted USB and Ethernet ports located on the front control panel of the equipment



  • Viewing Window and Internal Light
  • Touch Screen Controls with Datalogging
  • 6-3" Access Ports
  • Ethernet Interface 
  • Automatic Compressed Air Dryer
  • 6 Month On-site Warranty


  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Remote Air Cooled Condenser

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