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Temperature: 15ºC Above Ambient to 704ºC
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Blue M CW-6680-F-F4T Ultra-temp Oven Serial#: 130050

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The Blue M Ultra-Temp® Standard High-Temperature Industrial Oven is ideal for annealing, heat treating, stress relieving, and a number of other high temperature processes.


  • Welded and sealed inner chamber eliminates fume migration into insulation
  • Horizontal air flow assures uniform thermal performance
  • Assures safety of product and operator with protection from exceeding heat limits
  • Extra door panel shields operators from incidental burns
  • Ideal for annealing, heat treating, stress relieving, binder burn-out, ceramic firing


  • Electric open-air heavy gauge nichrome wire heater elements
  • Adjustable air intake and exhaust dampers
  • 6 inches of mineral wool insulation
  • Interior reinforced 304 stainless steel 

Pricing Information

  • List Price New: $ 20,024.00
  • Purchase This Unit For: $ 20,024.00
  • Rent This Unit For: $1,650.00 / month


  • Interior Dimensions: WXDXH (inches) 20x 18 x 20
  • Exterior Dimensions: WXDXH (inches) 65x 38 x 98 (Exhaust Blower Removed) 130" with exhauster.
  • Temperature Range: 15°C above ambient to 704°C (1299°F)
  • Voltage: 460/480VAC, 3 Ph  60 Hz 
  • Power: 20A, Fuse at 25A
  • Standard Safety Door Switch
  • FG# R738340

Control System

Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

The Watlow F4T Temperature Controller with INTUITION™ temperature process controller combines the flexibility of a modular I/O controller with best-in-class ease of use.


  • 4.3-inch, color touch panel with high-resolution, graphical user-interface
  • 1 to 4 control loops with TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control algorithm for superior controllability
  • 40 ramp and soak profiles with real-time clock and battery backup.
  • Ethernet Modbus® TCP connectivity
  • High-speed USB 2.0 host port
  • Modular design, which offers numerous types of field pluggable modules for maximum flexibility and easiest compatibility
  • Optional Data Logging capability
  • Optional Graphical Trend Chart
  • TPS provides panel mounted USB and Ethernet ports located on the front control panel of the equipment


Included Options:
  • Disconnect Switch
  • Intake HEPA Filter
  • Powered Exhauster
  • F4T Data-logging and Graphical Trending
  • 4" Casters
Available Options:
  • Additional Stainless Steel Shelves
  • 10" Circular chart recorder

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